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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Train ready to leave the station
Stonewall Thomas

I was so impressed by what I had heard about the Ruby on Rails framework, that I just had to learn more about it.  I've done 3 courses on Rails 5, and I'm so hooked on it that I cannot believe it.  In all I've built five Rails sites, and I've done that just during my hobby time.  I love its simplicity and its power.  Things like test suites and version control are a breeze with Rails since it's not database-configured.  Actually there's very little configuration at all in Rails since it relies more on conventions (filenames, directories, etc.) to connect its various part together.

If I were to hit the job market tomorrow, I'd definitely be seeking out a position working with Rails.  I do enjoy working with a CMS like Drupal or Wordpress, but there's nothing better than the lean architecture of something like Ruby on Rails.

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