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I can't pass up a jet ski

I can't pass up a jet ski

Stone on jet ski
Stonewall Thomas

I've never actually owned a jet ski, but several of my friends have had them over the years and they're always willing to let you borrow them for some reason. I also rent skis whenever I get the chance on vacation, and I actually will plan a vacation around having a place to go for a ride on the water. I can't say that I really enjoy motorcycles very much, so I'm surprised that I find jet skis to be so much fun because it seems like the two are somewhat similar. A lot of people think that they're really dangerous, and that's true if you're not careful and considerate of other watercraft. I've never had an incident on a jet ski, and I don't plan on that ever happening.

I'm really not sure who took the photo that accompanies this article, but it's pretty obvious that I'm following a boat. This was taken on Lake Havasu probably about 10 years ago. A friend of ours had a vacation home set up there and we used to visit quite often when I lived in San Diego. I do miss those little trips, but I'm much happier in Indiana.

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