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Hiking is good for the soul

Hiking is good for the soul

Stone at Arches National Park
Stonewall Thomas

I have always loved to get a lot of exercise, but treadmills and regulation pools just aren't as exciting as a good hike. This photo was taken at Arches National Park in Utah during a cross-country drive several years ago. I have taken several such trips in the past while moving from Indiana to San Diego, and back and forth a couple of times. It's not that I couldn't make up my mind which city I liked better, it was always connected to a good job waiting back in San Diego when I was trying so hard to get settled back in Indiana. "Ok, one more year" became a recurring theme in my life for a while, but I was young and the moves were exciting. My cats had become accustomed to the long trip, and did very well in the back seat of the car. Since they were along for the ride, it was no more than 5 hours per day in the car, which led to quite a bit of sight-seeing along the way.

State parks, ghost towns, and national landmarks are really awesome things to see when you've been sitting in a car for hours at a time. I definitely welcome the break.

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