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Fish - it's what's for dinner

Fish - it's what's for dinner

Stone fishing in the water
Stonewall Thomas

I cannot really remember the first time that I went fishing. It was one of the only things that my parents helped me take an interest in, and it was a shared hobby with all of my friends growing up. I always just assumed that it was a big part of everyone's life, so when I first moved away and started meeting people who had never been fishing I was shocked to say the least. Calm down buddy, not everyone is an angler!

On the south shore of Lake Michigan, fishing was always fun and interesting with so many places to go. We didn't always fish in the lake, but it was our source of lake perch and steelhead salmon. The rivers connected to the lake were always full of catfish, bullhead, and carp (yuck!) so there was always something in season even in the middle of winter. I can't say that I was ever a huge fan of ice fishing because being out on the lake kind of scares me, but nonetheless I was out there every year... worrying every time I heard a crack.

I don't find near as much good fishing since I moved to Indianapolis, but I like this city so much that I don't really mind. I live near a very large reservoir that supposedly sustains walleye, and I have yet to try to see if the rumors are true.

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