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A trip to St. Louis

A trip to St. Louis

In Saint Louis
Stonewall Thomas

My husband and I are not big travelers. We travel enough (a lot, actually) for work, and when we're not obligated to jet around by our careers then we'd rather just enjoy being home. There are times, however, when a friend persuades us to venture out into another city and this was one of those times. Saint Louis is only a few hours away by car, so we just drove there. Once we're outside of our element like that, we just follow the lead of whoever is with us... so this time we ended up in the botanical gardens of Saint Louis.

I'm totally a nature person - unexplored land, hunting, fishing, and hiking, but I've never thought too much about cultivated flowers. I do have a garden every year, but that's for food and I've never understood the need to grow flowers. I guess they're aesthetically pleasing and people like how they smell. Even though I'm not a flower person, I do enjoy spending time with friends and it doesn't really matter what we're doing.

Anyhow, we did manage to pose for this photo. Hot, sweaty, boring - it shows on my face. SMILE!

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