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No cat hair in my luggage!

No cat hair in my luggage!

Cat asleep in suitcase
Stonewall Thomas

I like to keep my luggage stored away from the cats. I like to have one thing that's not covered in cat hair besides our bedroom where the cats are not allowed. Some people say that it's mean to keep the cats out of the bedroom, but personally - I like to get sleep at night. Cats in the bedroom really work against that. They don't need to get up and go to work every morning so they can just sleep downstairs on the couch and annoy one another.

Anyhow, back to the photo. I think that I was traveling to Boston, and while I was working I pulled my suitcase out of the closet. I thought that I heard my email alert, so I went back into my office. Sure enough, there was a question that I needed to answer. It only took a few minutes, and when I returned to my suitcase I saw this. A cat that looked like she had been awake for weeks and just collapsed in my bag. Ridiculous.

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