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Meet Stoney

Welcome to my small space on the www! Whether you're a potential employer, or if you noticed the domain on my email address and wanted to see if I had built something here, I hope that you find something that entertains or inspires you. I always wish that I had the time to build something grand and fantastic for myself, but you know the old saying - the cobbler's son has no shoes! But don't get me wrong - this site is not made from a template :)

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These days there are several content management systems to choose from when building a website. Drupal is a major player in the market, and it happens to be my CMS of choice. I rememer the days when we'd all write some sort of CMS from scratch and repurpose it over and over. That was fun and all, but it's much better to have a well-maintained and secure platform available so that developers can focus on other things.
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